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Paula Scarmozzino

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Weight Loss Specialist


Paula is passionate about natural medicine and feels privileged and humbled to be able to impact the lives of her patients and improve their health and wellbeing. She believes in identifying the safest and most effective solution to her patients’ health concerns, whilst ensuring that the proposed treatment is practical, realistic and sustainable.


Paula has achieved the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science (Major: Immunology and Microbiology) - The University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) - Melbourne College of Natural Medicine
  • Advanced Diploma of Herbal Medicine
  • Advanced Diploma of Nutrition
  • Certified Hypnotherapist 
  • Certified Ultralite Weight Loss Management Practitioner
  • Certified in Natural Fertility Management (Angela Hywood and Leah Hechtman)
  • Member of Professional Association: Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)


Paula has a particular passion in addressing the current obesity epidemic and as such she specialises in weight loss but also sees many clients for other conditions such as PMS, menopause, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, arthritis, detoxification programs and pre-conception care.


Paula’s experience in successfully treating a wide range of health concerns also includes mental, digestive and respiratory conditions.


Paula believes it is important to choose a method of treatment that will do no harm to the patient and aims to treat the cause of the symptoms rather than suppressing or hiding the problem with medication.


Paula regularly attends training courses and seminars to remain abreast of the latest developments in the healthcare industry allowing her to impart the latest information and findings, ultimately achieving better health outcomes for you.


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Dr Peter Livis



Dr Peter Livis is one of Melbourne's most reputable Chriopractors with experience and expertise spanning over 20 years. He uses procedures and adjunctive services that may help patients enjoy the fastest results in the shortest amount of time. 


As a member of the Chiropractors Association of Australia (CAA), Dr Peter Livis may help to provide you with the best possible treatments for problems such as:


Back Pain

Statistics indicate approximately 80% of people may suffer back pain at some stage in their life. Chiropractic treatment has proven results in treating this area of the body.


Neck Pain

With many people utlising computers, Peter assists neck problems and gives ergonomic and postural advice.



Nothing worse than an annoying or pounding headache distrupting your lifestyle. Peter has had a great success at reducing or eliminating headaches.


General Health and Wellbeing

Getting people healthy, staying health with good spinal movement and helping people improve their lifestyle and health naturally.


Dave Car



David has been studying and practising Kinesiology since 2013. His introduction to kinesiology began during a transition from a career in automotive design.  His actual interest in complimentary modalities began after his marriage of 20 years ended.


While searching for something to help him move through challenges at the time, he discovered kinesiology and became intrigued enough to want to understand this modality more deeply.  So began his studies, which to this day he is still passionate about while dedicating most of his time practising, studying and researching.


Early in 2018, David was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, a wake-up call reminding him of his true life direction and ended his full time work in order to concentrate fully on his new path.


David has experienced and witnessed firsthand how effective and powerful kinesiology is, as well as knowing that he is making a difference assisting others with their own health and wellbeing journey.


What is Kinesiology and what can it do for you?

Kinesiology does not treat, diagnose or cure. Simply, it is a stress management system used to aid the release of stress from the body. This enables healing to take place once the stress causing factors have been defused, allowing the body to return to a state of balance or homeostasis. When homeostasis has returned, the stress is managed and the self-healing capacity of the body takes place. Kinesiology combines principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine, and knowledge of modern sciences (anatomy and physiology).


Kinesiology may help with the following areas of concern: Anxiety, Addictions, Allergies, Autoimmune disorders, Burnout, Chronic fatigue, Concentration, Emotional issues, Food intolerances, Histamine intolerance, Hormones, Immune system issues, Infections, Inflammation, Leaky gut, Learning difficulties, Motivation, Nutritional issues, Pain, Sleep patterns (jetlag), Structural imbalances, Toxicity and many others.


Member of Professional Associations:

The Australian Kinesiology Association Inc (AKA)


First Aid Training:

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Basic emergency life support

First Aid


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