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“My belief and observation is that the body wants to heal itself. My approach is therefore to find out what the body needs to help it heal, and to identify any stressors that are preventing the body from healing. Once we correct these issues, good health is a natural consequence.”  Paula Scarmozzino

Northern Naturopathic Healthcare (NNH) is a Weight Loss and Wellness Centre. We are a multimodality clinic, specialising in helping you reach your desired weight loss and wellness goals.


Paula Scarmozzino, Naturopath, and owner of NNH, has experience spanning over a decade. She is qualified and highly trained in assisting you correct health issues which affect your weight, including hormonal problems, stress, thyroid imbalance and slow metabolism.


Our weight loss programs are now recognised in their own right by health funds as a Weight Management program. This means with certain health funds you may receive a rebate not only for Naturopathic consultations, but for the programs themselves.


We also work with a team of qualified professionals within the clinic, that work holistically and synergistically to optimise your overall health and wellness.


Centrally located in Preston - only 9km from Melbourne CBD, with onsite parking at rear of the premises, our weight loss programs are varied and can be tailored towards your needs. We design programs which promote fat loss, assist fertility, detoxify your body or keeping you on your wellness journey - whatever your circumstances, we are here to help.